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"Call me Naitachal if you must have a specific name for me."

"Don't ever point a weapon at me. Not unless you intend to use it."

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Birthdate:Jan 29
Race: Black Elf / Nitathil
Age: Unknown
Title: Necromancer
Status: Noble

Physical Description: Naitachal normally wears black all over, clothing so black it seems to be as stark as ink, as if it drinks in the light around him. He wears silver accents that tend to be ominous. A skull-clasped silver belt, a death’s head ring with rubies inset in its sockets.

The dark elf’s face is fine-boned and elegant, his body is inhumanly slim and graceful but undeniably male, smooth muscled and ebony-skinned. His hair is a fall of straight, silvery-blond locks. His eyes are slanted and colored ice-blue most of the time. They turn eerie red when casting necromantic spells or when he is enraged.

Keyword is, inhuman. He’s an elf, after all, and the elves tend to be heart-breakingly beautiful in his book-‘verse.

Currently, Naitachal is quiet, serious, has a fine sense of melodrama. He likes music and longs for something more to life than the Necromancy, harsh discipline and cruelty that he’s been exposed to since his childhood when he first displayed an unusual (and very prized) strong ability in magic, for his age.

He can be loyal (if he ever finds someone worth being loyal to), is very pragmatic, and is very subtle and... sneaky. He's fairly good at scheming and plotting ahead. He is very cautious and very curious about things on the surface. He is intelligent, courageous and powerful. He doesn’t enjoy inflicting pain as others of his kin do, has a surprisingly strong sense of justice and morals.

He can put up a very good façade of being a powerful, cunning Nitathil noble, hiding what he really feels, under it. He fears what his kin may do to him, and quite rightly so, since a traitor’s death is by torture, and lasts a very, very long time. The suffering may even last after death, if he is caught out by his own kind.

He has no intention to return to his home-caverns.

Later, as in canon, Naitachal may still often wear dark clothing for practicality, but he is (once he feels safe enough to let himself go) quite a peacock, friendly, vain and proud, enjoying fine clothing, good music and good food.

He would have been called a hedonist, if it wasn’t for his self-control, hard-learned from his harsh childhood among his people. He can act, if he has to, has quite a gift for it, actually.

He is silver-tongued, has exquisite manners, is very persuasive and is very good at getting along with people (once the obstacle of his species is breached). He likes diversions and can often be very cheerful, though he seems to have black moods that come upon him, despite his best efforts to drive them away. He does have a fine edge of irony and sarcasm, a slight hint of malice, and a wide mischievous streak. He is kind. He tries hard to be considerate.

Having grown up in a world that was dark, depressing and cruel, he takes to Light and Joy and Music greedily, trying to grasp as much as he can.

History: Untold centuries ago, Naitachal, as a child, showed aptitude for magic and then was taken to study the only magics his people approved of. He became a Necromancer out of sheer desperation and a strong will to survive. He survived in his people’s caverns for centuries, surrounded by intrigue, intricate Court customs and poisonous traps of one kind or the other, surrounded by people who would crush him at the slightest sign of weakness or fear.

He grew in strength and skill until finally, he managed to contrive a way to leave those caverns; ostensibly on an errand to prove his people were innocent of the kidnapping of the niece of Count Volmar. (At which point, his journey, both in canon, and in the Bar will start)

Other Info:previous LJ account for the Bar Icons will be hand drawn pencil art, made by the owner of this journal.

Naitachal is from the Bard’s Tale series of novels, and is the property of Mercedes Lackey. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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