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Apparently, Elves here cannot hold iron. Who knew?

Naitachal and Eliathanis certainly didn't. The King, Oberon, and his Queen, Titania, apparently rule over two courts, and Naitachal finds both of them supremely intimidating. They practically ooze power, and the way Titania gives Naitachal interested looks, disturbs the dark elf more than he can say. He tries to give as little information as possible, because of this, but apparently they have truth spells. Really strong truth spells.

Naitachal is very not pleased with this. His tactful declaration that he's hardly worthy of her interest does soothe the Queen's feathers, and he thanks his ancestors that she doesn't seem too interested in pushing him, or Eli, into bed with her.

Particularly not when her husband was looking at them so speculatively too. Who knew iron-resistance was so valuable? Naitachal didn't. That's why he's currently trying to fend off an elven mage who wants to draw his blood and Eli's for experimentation.

Although, if it would gain them something.. Perhaps he should look into this further. Just a bit. After all, he doesn't want to be empty handed, does he? And this magic that they use, that makes things real, out of thin air is utterly fascinating. Perhaps.. a trade of information?


Naitachal is displeased to find out that the same things that make him insensitive to iron, are the same things that mean he will never be able to duplicate their matter-construction deeds by himself. This means he has to find other ways to, it seems, earn a living. So far, he's found himself getting along with some of these 'sidhe' so as to speak, and he's getting even better at Bardic magic, which is in his view, scant consolation for his inability to master the conjuration skill. Sure, it impresses these elves, and especially the ladies, but it's not as practical as say, being able to make clothes appear from the air, as these people can, right down to what he's been told are their adolescents.

And another thing that drives him around the bend is, that he's apparently so much younger than they. Like a baby, apparently, on the relativity. So is Eli, really. He's not sure if he's pleased to be called a prodigy, pleased to be chased after by women, or frustrated to be indulged and cossetted like a child.

No, wait, even the latter has positive attributes. He didn't exactly get a good childhood before, anyway. Well, as long as they don't start baby talking him, they should be just fine. It's gotten to the point that, as he swaps song after song from way back home, he's showered with things whenever he uses his magic to entertain an audience.

The appreciation from pale skinned elves, when he's more used to being their scapegoat and the thing that flaps in the night, is fascinating and rather.. addictive, though that way of thinking is something that he feels sheepish about.

At least the food is good, the people are nice enough to make a lot of it for him, he's got a nice place to live, permanent hot water, clothing is plentiful,  and more importantly to his peace of mind, he and Eli are treated with respect.

Eli's enjoying himself putting pedophiles out of their misery with this 'Wild Hunt' they keep talking about.. Odd that he's the one who's doing the nonviolent vocation nowadays while Eli is showing .. unusual glee in the hamstringing of cruel humans.

All in all, he'd be perfectly happy here.. If he only knew what had happened back there, after they left.

Oh, and if Titania would only stop giving him those interested glances. She's gorgeous, but so inhuman and so unearthly that it's giving him what he's reasonably sure are 'the creeps'.


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